Artist Sally Coulden’s collection of brushes and palette knives.

Every glass splashback design created by Red Dog relies on the brilliant brushwork of Sally Coulden, and her expertise in working with the brush or palette knife is our secret weapon.

Rather than relying on stock photography to make reproduction images, each design in the Red Dog collection originates on Sally’s easel, and she uses numerous techniques – painting on canvas with acrylic, oil pastels, mixed media and scratched paint on perspex, and applied mixed media amongst others.

We curated our collection this way because we wanted to build a solid collection that represented beautiful and genuine emotion. The Red Dog designs – Sally’s paintings – express every mood and season that families might want to celebrate, which they can do by featuring a big and practical piece of art on their walls.

Armed with her amazing array of brushes and palette knives, knowing exactly how to work with each one to harness the energy she feels when standing in front of her canvas, Sally is immersed in her fantastic world of colour and magically conjures movement and feeling into her paintings, so each design has energy and expression at its heart. Choosing exactly the right tools to apply a deep mix of colour in her work, and with a highly accomplished skill, Sally’s deft brushwork is what makes this collection absolutely unique in the world.