Introducing the Earth Collection

From the depths of the ocean to the warmth of sun-baked clay, via the luscious greens of the forest, our newest capsule collection of contemporary art glass panels, splashbacks and tiles is going to infuse your home with nature-inspired vibes.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty and majesty of the natural planet, our new Earth Collection features a stunning array of earthy tones and patterns inspired by nature, offering a unique way to bring the outdoors inside. With their vibrant hues and intricate designs, these glass panels and splashbacks harness the soothing power of nature, while adding a touch of luxury to your space.

Featuring Sally’s original abstract artwork, this new Collection evokes the fresh tones of the Atlantic Ocean, the quiet greens of the deep forest and the warming tones of the raw earth beneath us.

Meet the Collection

Bespoke Red Dog Glass Design glass splashback in greens behind a cream bath in a luxury bathroom

Deep Forest

Imagine stepping into your bathroom and being transported to a world of towering trees, lush green foliage and an ever-changing palette of colours and textures. Featuring soothing greens and harnessing the calming effect of foliage and natural textures, the intricate patterns and designs of the Deep Forest Collection make every moment a feast for the senses.

Bespoke Red Dog Glass Design glass art panel in blues across the front of a breakfast bar in a luxury kitchen.

Atlantic Ocean

Dive into this beautifully refreshing Atlantic Ocean Collection, with colours inspired by clear blue summer seas and wild Atlantic vistas. The ocean blue hues exude peace, calm and tranquillity, making them the perfect addition to a sunny kitchen or a spa sanctuary bathroom.

Bespoke Red Dog Glass Design art glass splashback behind a sink in a white kitchen.

Raw Earth

The terracotta pigments, warm reds and earthy browns of the Raw Earth Collection subconsciously ground us in our space. They help us feel connected with our roots when we’re craving stability, creating a contemporary home that is both beautiful and comforting.

Find out more

The Earth Collection is completely bespoke, which means it is made to order in our British-based workshop, especially for you! For more information about how our original art glass panels can help make your space extraordinary, contact one of our team via our contact form or by calling +44 (0) 117 907 4101.