Red Dog artist Sally Coulden with one of her test paintings on perspex – front view

Red Dog artist, Sally creates swirling, emotional abstract landscapes with a range of accomplished brushstrokes. Amongst the most complex are her paintings on perspex, and discovering her affinity for this technique was also to be the lightbulb moment that launched Red Dog Glass Designs.

Sally has a big thirst for experimentation, so working her paints and other materials into perspex provided delightful scope for pushing brush techniques. In fact, when she first saw the qualities of that glossy perspex finish and light-filled pigment, that was the moment Red Dog was born. This playful approach of quick work and super colour is at the heart of many special Red Dog ideas.

However, layering paint on perspex to create a landscape is not as easy as it sounds.

Working from behind the perspex, you paint from the front (or top) layer first, so apply brushstrokes and marks that are usually saved for the last flourishes. Then you work underneath that, backwards, to layer on what turns out to be mysteriously glimpsed pigment and texture. It is incredibly hard to start, because the first marks matter the most, and there’s no time for Sally to feel her way into the painting. As she says_

“The challenge with painting on Perspex is there’s no place to hide once you start! It feels a bit like jumping in a cold lake .. you know it will be great when you get started but it’s that initial jump…”

The top image shows a perspex painting from the front, as intended to be seen. The image below shows the same piece, but from behind, with tiles and gauze applied so as to build depth. In the Red Dog Glass Designs range, you can see the perspex effect in Journey I (online) and Journey II (in person).

And as you can see by this image, with Sally’s perspex paintings there is no holding back from the full riches of the Coulden colour palette! Who could resist this colour and texture burst? And translated into a top quality glass splash back design, wouldn’t that inject a serious life boost into the heart of any home?

Red Dog artist Sally Coulden with one of her test paintings on perspex – back view