‘Dusk on the Water’ – Sally’s painting of Bristol docks becomes a feature in new dockside apartment.

When Sally turned up at this rather beautiful, brand new dockside apartment, all her expertise in renovation and interiors came to the fore. Her client, Andy, wanted to make a statement in his new home next to the water and complete a kitchen design with something special. He called on Sally to talk him through options for installing a glass splashback, and gain her valuable second opinion on what design would work.

Together, they selected the original colourway of ‘Dusk On The Water’ as a kitchen splashback using the inverted ‘T’ template, which is a standard size at 2m x 0.75m. The design is from a painting Sally made after one of her regular rowing sessions on a particularly special, autumn evening through Bristol harbour. The painting has a clear anchor in this very water – in fact, Sally was probably rowing past what was to become Andy’s window when she was inspired to paint the work.

In its thoughtful, monotone hue, Dusk on the Water as glass splashback sits so well in its new harbourside location – perfectly at home in a simple colour scheme with plants and hidden lighting to soften the lines.

Andy loved this piece so much, he requested additional complimentary paintings to be hung elsewhere in his apartment, also rendered on glass, but this time wall-mounted using a magnetic system which slightly floats the panels away from the wall. Installing a series of related images rounded this scheme so beautifully.

Two pieces to lift the atmosphere of his new home – Andy can’t wait to show his gorgeous glass design off. Beautiful!