Bespoke glass splashback bathroom tile, blue colours of original art

We’re so excited to share with you our newest glass splashback designs and art glass panels!

Based on Sally’s original artwork, Inhale is an observation on the expansiveness of the landscape, particularly from the summits of our brooding British hills. It’s the deep breath we take as we drink in a view for the first time, and the space created within our lungs as we draw nature in. Inhale is the sense of calm created as the inward breath restores and rebalances us.

“Framing infinity is a key theme throughout my work,” says Sally from her Bristol-based studio where she paints. “I grew up in the wilds of Norfolk in a creative household, so noticing and documenting my environment has always been a part of my life. Using abstract strokes, I can communicate more than just how a place looks, I can also communicate how it feels to be in that place.”

Inhale particularly focuses on the power of the breath, the simple act of mindful breathing to regulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When we breathe deeply, we naturally self-soothe. And when we breath mindfully in nature the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, combined with being outside, has immense benefits. And as individuals, we’re beginning to understand more about the importance of taking these moments of mindfulness post-pandemic. Research is now showing that how we breathe, combined with immersion in nature, can positively impact our immune system, our heart rate, and our stress levels.

“As we seek comfort and sanctuary in our homes, bringing references to nature into our living spaces continues to be a key design trend for 2023” says Nicola Arnold, Red Dog Glass Design’s Business Manager. “With a piece like Inhale, we wanted to embrace that sense of outside-in. Kitchens are often the hearts of our homes, so why not have a focal point like a splashback that is practical and hard-wearing, but also brings you moments of contented well-being.”

“All of our designs tell a story, and all of our pieces are designed to create visual impact,” continues Nicola. “A piece of Red Dog glass will elevate any space into something extraordinary.”

Our custom made splashback designs are available in bespoke and off-the-shelf sizes.