Energising Colours From the Bristol Landscape

Bespoke consultation

The Brief

This Bristol homeowner had recently moved into a gorgeous property that required a new kitchen to be installed. They were also looking to inject some much-needed colour and personality into the space, ideally, a unique statement piece that would reflect their love for the local area and add a touch of vibrancy to the heart of their home.

Our Solution

We worked alongside local kitchen designer, Nick from The Kitchen Man, to create a bold custom glass splashback that would add the pop of local colour that the client craved. Sally’s Boating design was just right for the job.

One of the most loved and well-known views in Bristol is of the coloured houses which fan along the hillside overlooking Bristol’s floating Harbour. It’s this view from the artist’s boathouse that inspired Boating, so it’s no wonder that one of our most popular designs found its way into a Bristol home!

Nick steered everyone with his expert kitchen design knowledge and helped template and install the final splashback, which was carefully designed to fit between a standard worktop upstand and an extractor hood fitting.

The Outcome

The homeowner was overjoyed with the result.

The glass splashback not only added energy and vibrancy to their lovely new kitchen, it also featured a local landmark that they were proud to have in their home. It served as a conversation starter with guests admiring the colourful reimagining of the local area.

Here at Red Dog Glass Design, we pride ourselves on creating unique and personalised solutions that reflect our clients’ style and personality. This case study is just one example of how we can transform a kitchen space into something spectacular. If you’re interested in exploring your own personalised solution, contact us and let us help you add colour and personality to your kitchen.








5277mm x 516mm