Inspiration From the River Dart

Bespoke consultation

The Brief

The owners of this South Coast property wanted a modern feel for their new kitchen. They had completely renovated the space, with every aspect redesigned to make the most of the stunning views out over the River Dart.

The couple were looking for a series of glass splashbacks and panels with a non-traditional aesthetic. They asked for something completely bespoke that would add impact to the space, while also creating a sense of calm that complimented the property’s gorgeous location. 

Our Solution

Working collaboratively with the homeowners, we set up some initial video calls so that we could explore their space together. At this point, the kitchen was mid-renovation, so we were able to directly input into how pieces of Red Dog glass could work in various areas of the kitchen. Working with a client right from the outset meant that we were able to create a fully cohesive design that worked with all the elements of the overall scheme.

The client explained that they were looking for a calming space that would connect their kitchen with the landscape beyond. With the river being such a fabulous focal point outside, it made sense to use one of our water-inspired pieces to tie the two zones together.

With its dreamy tones, subtle palette and water-inspired textures, our Dusk on the Water design in blue fitted the brief perfectly.

We supplied 6 glass panels in total, including major feature pieces on two walls and smaller pieces running into a bay window, across the sink and around to the far side of the room.

All Red Dog designs are completely unique to the homeowner and when we place artwork on long runs like this, we spend a lot of time making sure the artwork flows seamlessly across the different panels. There are no breaks, repeats or duplicate sections, everything is digitally reworked to create something unique. It’s painting, but with pixels!

We worked off the kitchen designer’s drawings to start with and then after the kitchen was installed, we arranged for the final templating of each glass panel to be carried out.

Accurate templating is essential on projects like this, which is why we work with our approved templating partner Optidek. The run of glass encountered several plug sockets, so the template showed where the cutouts needed to be, so that they could be added during the manufacturing process.

After the glass was installed, the homeowners had lighting fitted above the glass panels. This really made the panels a focal point in the room during the evening, giving the kitchen a calm art gallery vibe.




Dusk on the Water




Various lengths – totalling over 4 metres

The Outcome

The kitchen has been lifted to a different level with our Dusk on the Water bespoke glass splashbacks. The panels compliment the surrounding environment and have most definitely created a stunning statement piece for this home.

The client commented ‘we are very happy with the end result, we love it and it looks fabulous’.

At Red Dog Glass Design, we are dedicated to creating unique and personalised solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

This is just one example of how we can transform a kitchen using a statement piece of glass. If you’re interested in exploring your own personalised solution, don’t hesitate to contact us today.