Calming Etherial Landscape - Surrey

Bespoke consultation

The Brief

The owner of this high-end kitchen had a clear vision in mind.

She wanted her space to be a place of calm, where she could unwind and enjoy peaceful moments during the day.

She knew that every detail mattered, and that’s why she turned to us for a solution that would enhance the overall aesthetic of her kitchen. The final installed glass would have to run seamlessly across almost 6 metres of wall space, including around corners and behind shelves. So there was plenty for us to think about!

Our Solution

Sally worked closely with the homeowner to create a unique abstract art glass splashback that would complement her kitchen’s luxurious look and feel.

Featuring soft, muted colours, Inch by Inch in monochrome was the perfect design to convey a sense of tranquility and serenity.

The sense of calm was further enhanced by the use of a satin glass finish, keeping reflections to a minimum and allowing the gorgeous artwork to be visible from all angles.

As the original Inch by Inch painting is square and this project involved long runs of both landscape and portrait glass, we spent a great deal of time carefully remastering the image digitally to ensure there was no stretching of the image or repeats, just one perfectly formed piece of original art.

The Outcome

The abstract art glass panels created a personalised touch that reflected the homeowner’s true style and personality. The splashback added a unique element to her kitchen that perfectly enhanced the serene atmosphere she had envisioned. It also received plenty of compliments from guests who visited her home, serving as a focal point that drew everyone’s attention.

At Red Dog Glass Design, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative and highly personalised solutions that exceed their expectations. If you’re interested in exploring how we can help you elevate your space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.




Inch by Inch


5000 mm x 600 mm

+ 8 separate panels