A member of Opticolour’s team carefully checks a huge Red Dog panel before delivery

Right from the very start of Red Dog Glass Design, we have been on the lookout for collaborators and suppliers who would help us put only the highest quality glass splashbacks into the world. Contemporary glass wall covering specialist, Opticolour, is one such supplier, and has become a really key part in Red Dog’s production and delivery.

We were looking for a supplier who was completely aligned with our core values of providing superb quality, and also impeccable customer service. Top quality reproduction is critical for Red Dog – the colour and textures in printing must perfectly represent the depth and expression Sally pours into her fine art paintings.

Of those early days, Sally says_

After several research visits to glass printing specialists across the UK, Opticolour shone out because of their commitment to every stage of the production, printing and delivery process. I was really drawn by their reputation within the glass industry.

At the heart of Red Dog’s ethos is exceptional customer service, and Opticolour provide this in bucket loads. I was hugely impressed by their attention to detail and speed of response.

So reassuring to know that unless it’s perfect, it will not be shipped.

Opticolour also bring their survey and installation service, a really important option for us – they have a fully trained team who make site visits to create proper templates for the glass, removing any concern over perfect fitting. Peace of mind is important, so the glass is guaranteed for 10yrs too.