One of our Red Dog highlights this year was when B&B Italia welcomed us to exhibit our glass splashback designs in their flagship store on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge.

The B&B Italia showroom is an immersive lifestyle experience with furniture collections by B&B Italia, Maxalto and the high end kitchen brand, Arclinea.

B&B Italia make beautiful use of light in their showroom, so we were particularly delighted that they wanted to feature our glass as part of that.

It was a great opportunity for us, as the first time we have exhibited our special backlit glass. This is achieved by using a light sheet that sits behind the glass and illuminates the colours and brushstrokes in the design in a way that would not otherwise show up. It is a fantastic way to present fine art glass designs.

Collaborating in this way helps us explore new ways to use lighting to give the designs an extra dimension, and broaden perception of how we might create wonderful atmospheric lighting design with our glass to enhance living spaces. To quote B&B Italia, they are_

An extraordinary convergence of design and industry,
the expression of a contemporary approach. 
People, ideas, places, projects and products are
what make B&B Italia unique, now as ever. 
An adventure that validates courageous vision. 
A story and an identity that unwaveringly focuses on the future. 

We are really inspired to take part in this gorgeous showroom design, and find our horizons being stretched in the most wonderful way for bold new ideas and technologies as we see our glass adopted by these top designers.