Ready for her close up, Sally Coulden being filmed at work in her studio

It is just over one year since Red Dog went into business, and along the way we have had great support from business start-up experts Outset while we got off the ground. Red Dog is rather a success story for Outset, so when they asked if we would make a film with them to tell the story, we were very happy to oblige.

And so, for a few hours one rather rainy day last week, a professional film crew—Life Media—came down to Sally’s studio (Red Dog HQ) and sat her in the hot seat to film an interview. They were very excited by the massive visual explosion of colour and art in the studio, compared to a regular office setting, and this brought the whole concept of Red Dog together for their filming. Surrounded by the original paintings from our limited edition, Sally was asked a series of questions about Red Dog’s journey so far and explained how Outset became part of that journey through business support and 1_1 mentoring.

The Bristol-based company have helped us get everything in place with (amongst other things) legal, financial and marketing insights. They are funded by the European Regional Development Fund, so can help businesses like us for no charge – such a gift as the advice we have received has been crucial to set us up properly as we head in to negotiations and sales both on home shores and internationally. We are enormously grateful for their support.

It was lovely to see the contrast of Sally in smart mode for the Red Dog interview, and adorned in her colourful overalls to lose herself in a painting. She says, “It was a really great day, and so useful to reflect on achievements to date.”

Agreed. It was a great way to say ‘thank you’ and mark a fantastic first year.

Sally Coulden interviewed by Life Media for Outset

[ photography by Outset’s Toby Howkins ]