Sally’s studio is a lovely, sunny hideaway in a vibrant part of Bristol, based in an old printing factory which she shares with a number of other artists. It’s the sort of spot where you just have better ideas as soon as you walk through the door – the walls are alive with old Bristolian stories and history. And pigeons. But let’s not say too much about them.

Last week, we caught her in a rare moment of actually sitting down, so we thought we’d jump on the chance to ask what’s what with studio news. Sounds like it’s been a really exciting month!

  • She’s had a fabulous solo exhibition at the Hidden Gallery in Clifton, Bristol, entitled ‘A Contemporary Twist on Turner’. It’s Sally’s second show at the gallery. We’ll share more about the exhibition and Sally’s new body of work in another post.

  • There are some really fascinating developments in motion as Sally is pushing her painting into the Augmented Reality space. She says_

Super excited as the final wording for the Arts Council grant application for my new R&D project is complete, and we are submitting this week. I am looking at synergising my world of abstract painting and augmented reality – end result (well the plan anyway!!) is to reveal a unique AR documentary of artists thoughts, movement and process.

  • Being on the road as Number One Red Dog, Sally has spent a good deal of time in our capital city meeting teams at some fantastic showrooms, and making sure all glass delivered to these beautiful spaces is in absolutely top condition, straight into the right hands. There are matte finishes, backlit wall hangings, free-hanging window displays as well as standard wall-mounted glass designs.

  • As well as all this, there are new orders coming in for splashbacks, so there’s plenty of careful work involved preparing those.

No wonder it’s time for a sit down, but we know for a fact that Sally’s studio fridge is well stocked for just these moments. We’ll be joining her for a ‘cheers’ and feel really excited to see what comes next!