5 ways to turn your bathroom into a luxury retreat.

A bespoke glass splashback by Red Dog Glass Design in greens with a white freestanding bath in a modern bathroom.

Full wall glass splashback in Deep Forest Inch by Inch – Red Dog Glass Design

If you’re looking for spa-style bathroom ideas to create a relaxing oasis in your home, bespoke glass splashbacks are a great place to start!

Not only do they look fantastic, they are exceptionally practical too.

Unlike traditional ceramic tiles, which can be difficult to keep clean and may require harsh chemicals to remove mould and mildew, glass splashbacks can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

This makes them a great choice for a family bathroom or for anyone wanting to reduce their reliance on cleaning products that can harm the environment.

Elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, a Red Dog Glass Design splashback will turn your existing bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

Feature Wall Splashbacks

For a fully immersive experience, a feature wall is going to add oodles impact and give you that steam room vibe. A calming colour scheme is one of the key elements of a spa-style bathroom. So choose colours that create a sense of tranquillity. Think calming monotones like our Inch by Inch design. Or if pastel blues and greens work for your space, you can’t go wrong with Revelation.

A modern bathroom with a bath in a niche and a large skylight. A bespoke glass splashback in pinks and greens sits behind the shower.

Shower enclosure splashback in Life – Red Dog Glass Design

Shower enclosure splashbacks

A shower enclosure is a fantastic way to recreate the tropical rainfall experience that you’ll find in most spas. Forget boring white tiles though! By installing an art glass panel on one or more walls of your shower enclosure, you can create a stunning visual effect that mimics the feeling of drenching yourself in a warm rainforest shower. Our Deep Forest Collection is the perfect palette to create the feeling of stepping into leafy greenery.

Shower Niche Tiles

Not sure you want to go all in with full-height glass panels? Why not opt for a shower niche? Our 600×300 glass tiles look amazing when used in a shower niche. That’s because all of our glass splashbacks, panels and tiles feature original art, so by putting one of our tiles in a niche, you’re effectively framing it!

A shower niche with a bespoke glass splashback in greens in it.

Shower niche in Dusk on the Water – Red Dog Glass Design

Sink Splashback

Are you limited by space or budget? Even the smallest piece of glass in your bathroom can elevate the space beyond the ordinary. Take our sink splashback for example. Small but perfectly formed, these panels can add a hint of breezy freshness to your spa-style bathroom. Coordinated with matching ocean hue accessories; a little piece of glass can create a big impact.

Original art coasters

Coasters?! In a bathroom?! Well, yes! For the ultimate indulgent bathroom treat, you’re going to need somewhere to rest your glass of wine (or tea, whatever you fancy). Our gorgeous glass coasters are made for the job. They’re fully waterproof (so getting them wet isn’t an issue) and there are 19 stunning designs to choose from.

A set of Red Dog Glass Design glass coasters in blues on a white table.

Original art glass coasters – Red Dog Glass Design

Do you have an idea for your spa-style bathroom?

Spa-style bathroom ideas are a great way to create a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis within your home. Working with Red Dog Glass Design’s team of talented designers and artists, you can ensure your bathroom is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, contact one of our team and we’d love to chat!