Here at Red Dog, we are absolutely in love with colour. Every glass splashback we install is chosen carefully to work within a given colour scheme, even if it is wildy contrasting, because colour has such influence on how we interact with spaces. And so, to help your interior design vision we decided to share our ideas on how colours work together through our ‘Red Dog Colour Palettes’ series.

And of course, all our colours originate on the easel of Sally Coulden, who had the vision for each of our designs.

When you watch Sally paint her canvasses, you would be forgiven for thinking she has mistaken her own boiler suit for the canvas, but the truth is, she is so energised by colour and its infinite combinations lead her to almost explode with possibilities. With the moods woven by colour, and worlds it can draw you into, occasionally the canvas alone is not enough to take all Sally’s excitement!

One day we might create a range of palettes solely based on the front of this boiler suit, but for now, we are delighted to share — by way of this delicious Pinterest board — our colour inspirations with you.

Each post features a small section from one of Sally’s paintings, chosen from those which have been translated onto glass as part of the Red Dog splashbacks range. From that painting sample, we created a palette of six spot colours that would work really well with alongside it. In fact, most of the colours are actually found in the actual paintings. In most cases, we focus on four main colours, one shadow, and an accent.

We know how hard it can be to make brave colour choices when you are designing a breathtaking space, so we hope that you find some really helpful inspiration in these palettes. Do let us know if you need any advice!