Bespoke Brilliance in Glass Panels and Splashbacks

We know that styling your home is an expression of your personality and identity. Not only that, the colours that you choose can make a huge difference to the way your room feels. So, whether you’re looking for something bold and energetic, or calm and relaxing, we can reconfigure or recolour any of our designs to match your existing scheme, or even create a whole new vibe for your home.

Tailored Sizes

Elevate your space with made-to-measure glass panels and splashbacks, ensuring a perfect fit for any area, regardless of size

Custom Shapes and Fittings

Achieve a seamless integration with your space as we craft glass panels to fit precisely around plugs and other fixtures, ensuring a polished finish.

Personalised Colors

Bring your vision to life by selecting custom colours for our collection of paintings, allowing you to perfectly match your desired aesthetic.

Contemporary art glass splashbacks

Imagine a unique piece of original art in the heart of your home, something that brings you happiness every day, with the added bonus of it being practical and durable too.

Our range of glass splashbacks all start with lead-artist Sally’s original contemporary paintings. Inspired by her love of coastlines and waterways, Sally’s impactful abstract strokes reflect the expansive skies and infinite horizons of our wild British spaces. We carefully translate Sally’s original paintings into works of digital art, deconstructing and then recreating each piece in a range of bespoke sizes.

The artwork is expertly printed in high-resolution onto 6mm toughened-glass panels. Premium quality, ultra-hygienic and very easy to care for, each unique piece can be installed as bespoke kitchen glass splashbacks or bespoke bathroom tiles.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service and attention to detail. Our experienced design team will work with you to select the right piece of art for you, and create something as unique as your space demands.

Why glass panels?

  • Ultra-hygienic

  • Easy to clean

  • No grout to harbour mould or germs

  • Heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius

  • Waterproof

  • Can be cut to any shape, including space for sockets or taps

  • Impact resistant – our toughened glass is 5 times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness

Services We Provide

Experience unparalleled convenience and precision with our comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Installation service or supply only
  • Cut to measure  +/- 1mm tolerance
  • Silicon adhesive to secure on the wall
  • Sockets, switches, fixtures and fittings all accommodated
  • Float the glass as wall art – holes drilled for spacer fixings


100% Unique Artwork

If you or your client is looking for something totally unique, Sally is able to help! You can commission her to paint an artwork just for you and from this artwork, using its design, we can create glass panels any size or shape that you may want.

Whether it’s for a private home or a hotel that would like a design that is on brand we can certainly help. Please do get in touch and we can chat further about your vision.

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“Thank you, RedDog! Every time I come onto the room I smile."

~ Private Client, Devon

“Sally takes personal service to the next level. Our best Christmas present to ourselves! To say we are happy is an understatement.”

~ Angela (Artwork: Horizon)

“I’ve recently moved into a central Bristol apartment and was looking for an interesting feature for the living area. I become aware of Red Dog Glass Design’s work and arranged for a quotation, which included a computer-generated mock-up – that really helped decision making. Installation was thoroughly professional & I was regularly updated on progress in the interim. Now installed, I’m delighted with my purchase and have no hesitation in recommending Sally’s work to any potential new client”

~ Private client, Bristol Harbourside

“A truly creative and inspirational company! During our recent major house rebuilding project we have discovered only a few inspirational and truly creative companies, but Red Dog Glass Design is definitely one of those! From the initial consultation to the final installation Sally and her team have been outstanding in every way; listening, adapting, responding, creating and caring in a very personal way. The whole process was completely seamless and the end product is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous statement, giving our kitchen real personality and vibrancy. Definitely recommended without reservation.”

~ Carolyn and Glenn

(Artwork: Journey II)

“A high-quality product & service. We are delighted with the transformation to our kitchen. It really is fine art on a large scale, in the hub of the family home but what is great, is its practical, we can wipe it clean and not worry about damaging it! Thank you, Red Dog Glass!”

~ Private client, London